Dancers who have established themselves in the Industry say that there is one key way to hear about new auditions: word of mouth. Word about a major audition tends to spread around the community like wildfire just a week, or a couple days before the audition. This means you have to constantly keep in touch with key players in the industry to hear about opportunities. It also means you have to know someone to hear about these opportunities.

For many of us, this isn’t a problem because we have a large network, and always hear about these opportunities in time to make the audition. But we don’t like the “in-crowd” effect this has on our industry, and we decided we want to set up a site where this information is shared with everyone.

This is where Dance-Auditions.com comes in. We’re assembling a team of major players in the industry who 1. will hear about the big auditions, 2. will know where to look for all the smaller opportunities, and 3. are determined to share all of this info with the entire community.

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